Where to begin…

Change is inevitable. But how long it takes and how we go about it matters. And this should be embraced wholeheartedly. It is important to push conversations and topics towards the uncomfortable questions that no one likes to ask-to not only to call out the elephant in the room but to have a conversation with that elephant. We are at a crucial time in the church, in politics and government, and in the management of our personal lives and family systems.

It is important that we take on issues and conflicts of a declining church population, and decreased understanding and awareness of the biblical story. But, the church is of this world and it is imperative that we address the continued and growing issues of systemic racism, oppression, poverty, addiction, war, domestic violence, gun violence, and all of the world’s problems. We cannot be the church of Jesus Christ if these issues are not at the forefront of our conversations and mission.

This blog cannot take on each of these things but the church can be a voice for so many of them. The Christian church, when united, is a powerful voice to be heard. It calls for justice and peace, but strives to be humble and loving.

I’m a seminarian at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and an Intern at Trinity Lutheran Church in Fairview Village, PA. I am hoping to learn as much as I can about as much as I can and make a few friends along the way.

I hope that these posts push the envelope and maybe explore some creative possibilities for a place to begin in the new church, one beyond walls, that calls for justice, loves kindness, and walks humbly, ever-seeking the presence of God.

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